Migrate common Web formats to basic DITA

New Content for Old

any2dita is a plugin of the expeDITA toolkit that provides Web-based conversion into DITA from several popular formats: HTML, rich text (page copy/paste), Markdown, and Mediawiki. The page themes, behaviors, and DITA content rendering (this concept!) are powered by the expeDITA toolkit, which provides a plugin interface for third party extensions such as any2dita.

This initial version is a technology demonstrator, and initial documentation is sketchy. The most successful demos are from the extensive Markdown documentation itself at the daringfireball web site.

  1. On the "Migrate" page, click on the Markdown tab. On this tab you may create or paste in your own Markdown content to convert. Alternatively you may use the URL field to designate the text content of a Markdown site. For this demo, we will use the URL option.
  2. Copy this link text -- -- and paste it into the URL input field.
  3. Submit the conversion request by clicking on the Proceed to migrate button.
  4. Look below the conversion panels for messages about the conversion process.

Please discuss any questions or issues about this converter on the Yahoo dita-wikis list: dita-wikis or contact Don Day (donday at donrday dot com).